How Painful Is Laser Hair Removal

There are two main reasons that people will use this procedure. The first is to save us the time and energy it takes to try to remove the unwanted hair on a daily basis for those of us who shave. The second is to avoid the pain that comes from having to wax. It is a permanent hair removal process – but is it really painless?

It would be really great if laser hair removal didn’t hurt at all and felt like a tiny pinprick in our skin. According to dermatologists the beam of light is absorbed into the hair follicle – which produces the amount of heat needed to burn it away. The very first time that you use this treatment there will be certain area of your body that will hurt.

Those of you with thick, dark hair are more likely to have a greater level of discomfort than those with thin hair. The thicker hair will require a great deal more heat in order to target the follicle and remove a good chunk of it. However, after each treatment the hair will become thinner and in turn less painful.

Level Of Pain In Patients

The amount of pain that you will experience during the first treatment and any session afterwards will be dependent upon the type of skin that you have, the type of hair that you have, what part of the body is being treated, and how the patient handles pain. There are some dermatologists who will make the session easier for you by applying a numbing cream to the area.

The only problem with using this cream is that it makes it hard for the dermatologist to know what setting the laser should be on. During the beginning of the session they will ask the patient to tell them the level of their discomfort.

Patients must NEVER apply these creams to themselves before each session. When used often and on large areas of the body, the skin will begin to absorb it. The cream will then be pushed into the bloodstream in large amounts and can cause various problems. This is especially true when using prescription numbing creams. Very few people have such a great amount of discomfort that they are not able to go through with the laser hair removal.