How Will You Be Charged For Treatments?

Laser hair removal has been around for many years and through that time people love the results from it. They no longer have to shave every day or use painful wax in order to keep their legs, arms, armpits, chest, back, or bikini area looking smooth. Now they only have to visit their dermatologist and have a few treatments to remove the unwanted hair for good.

Before you rush into the process though you must first understand laser hair removal cost and the exact amount or rough estimate that you will be spending on it. Some people might be surprised at how affordable it may be – but this will be dependent on many things. For example not every clinic or dermatologist will charge the same amount or in the same way.

One Flat Fee

Most clinics will charge a flat fee for each session that you need in order to remove all of the hair. They might also provide a special price for people who order multiple treatments up front. For example, someone could spend $500 up front to remove the hair on their chest. The dermatologist will determine the price based on what area you need done and the pattern of hair growth.


Another common way that people are charged for laser hair removal is by the amount of time needed for each session. Some might charge up to $100 for every fifteen minutes. The time will be dependent on what area is being done and how much hair the patient has.


There are some clinics that will charge the patient per pulse of light that is being used. The pulse usually takes a second and is able to remove a hundred hairs at one time if not more. The majority of clinics who charge this way will charge a dollar per pulse. However, there will be a minimum fee that is set around $150 or more. The price will vary depending on what area is being done.