Laser Removal Side Effects

A lot of men and women are considering laser removal as a way of removing body hair once and for all. We live such busy lives that it is hard to find the time to shave or wax everyday or even twice a week. Before you decide to go through with it we ask that you first consider the side effects from it. Please remember that these side effects do not affect everyone. You should speak with your dermatologist in more detail to know more.


Although it is rare there are some people who have sensitive skin and will develop scars in the area that was treated. This is commonly seen in people who tanned before their procedure or who have naturally dark skin. That is why it is recommended that only people with light skin and dark hair do this.

Darker Tattoos

If you have any tattoos in the area you should expect to have them become darker. This can be a good thing for some people who don’t want to spend extra money trying to touch them up.

Red Skin

It is common for the skin to become red after the procedure is completed. This is nothing to worry about. Your skin has come into contact with high energy beams and is reacting to it. The only time you should worry is if it becomes worse or remains red for too long.


Thanks to better technology and new lasers blisters are a side effect that are becoming less common. Most doctors will apply ice packs to the area to help avoid the blisters from developing.