What Is Laser Hair Removal

Before you can decide for yourself whether or not laser hair removal is something you wish to invest your time and hard earned money you should know exactly what it is. This procedure is performed through the use of an intense, pulsating beam of light that will remove the hair.

The beam will pass through the skin and target the dark pigments in the hair. These pigments are called melanin. Once the light reaches the hair follicle the heat will destroy it immediately. While it does this the beam of light will not be able to heat up the skin that is surrounding it.

Dark objects have the ability to absorb the light – which is why people who have light skin but dark hair are the better candidates for this procedure. However, newer lasers are being developed to help people with dark skin as well. It is able to be used on both men and women for their back, chest, armpits, legs, bikini area, and face.

Laser hair removal has been available since 1997 when it was approved by the FDA for a permanent type of hair removal. Since then it has grown in popularity by people who are tired of shaving and waxing. In order to have this procedure done you must use a professional dermatologist who has been taught and has the skill to operate the laser.

The various clinics set up will use different types of lasers and techniques to remove the hair. The majority of people who use this procedure will need to have more then one treatment in order to successfully and permanently remove the unwanted hair. This may only take between three to eight treatments.

It is rare that some people will not respond at all to the treatment. Research has been done to try to isolate this problem – but no answers have been discovered. Some believe it is a problem with the dermatologist and the skills they lack to successfully use the laser. Others believe it could be the cause of a faulty laser.